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Ev training help for milotic?

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i finally got myself a milotic, modest nature with dragon pulse, mirror coat and hypnosis, and now I want to super train it. ive already maxed out special attack, but I have no idea what to usee the rest of the ev training on. putting it in to physical attack is pointless, and I dont want to go in to speed. I have been told to to put it in to HP or special defence or physical defence, but I have no idea of which would be the best. please help!

asked Jan 3 by teflon

1 Answer

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I would say physical defense so it could take more hits

answered Jan 3 by Pokélink
selected Jan 3 by teflon
thanks, ive decided to spilt the remaining point and put the half to defence and half to hp, do you think this would be a good idea?
Yes I probably should have thought about that