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Can I breed Speed Boost blaziken w/ a blaze Simisear to get a blaze torchic?

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I would never be so dumb to want a blaze Torchic over Speed boost, but I was just wondering if this is legit.

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Yeah, it works. But it might not work how you think.

There is a chance of the baby getting Blaze, but not from the Simisear, from the Blaziken. There isn't a 100% chance of it passing down Speed Boost; there is a chance of passing down it's other ability(ies), with Blaze being the only other ability it can get legit. As for Simisear, you can't pass down abilities from one species to a different species of offspring.

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Blaziken is male (unless its already bred), so that means it has a 0% chance of getting Speed Boost, or a 100% chance of getting Blaze.