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What are the detrimental effects of changing the time on a DS/3DS?

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If there are any.

asked Jan 5, 2014 by fondant
I'm only in 5th grade, so what does "detrimental" mean?
It means harmful or damaging.

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In Animal Crossing New Leaf: Villagers might move out.
Other than that, nothing really bad would happen.
The Activity log will probably get confused though.

Source: and Experience

answered Jan 5, 2014 by UmbreonLover456
selected Jan 5, 2014 by fondant
Lol inb4 that has nothing to do with pokemon xD
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Nothing really Pokémon wise... The season would be different in 5th gen, but that isn't harmful.

answered Jan 5, 2014 by MeowingHorse