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Is Pinsir supposed to resemble a fighting type just as Gyarados resembles a dragon type?

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Since all of the moves pinsir learns by leveling up are fighting and most dragon type users have gyarados

asked Dec 24, 2010 by Psychic x
edited Dec 24, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion

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Pinsir is based off of the Stag Beetle, specifically the Prosopocoilus inclinatus, popular in bugfighting, a sport of sorts in which two bugs are made to fight each other. While almost unheard of in America, it is practiced in some parts of Japan. Since it is based off a popular bug for bugfights, this probably accounts for all the Fighting type moves it can learn. However, it does not look like a Fighting type, which is why it isn't the Fighting type.

As for Gyarados, it was intended to have been a Dragon/Water type if not for the fact that that type in Gen 1 would be incredibly hard to beat as said before.

answered Dec 24, 2010 by trachy
edited Dec 24, 2010 by trachy
O.O wow Trachy I have never heard of bug fighting you sounded very smart.
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Pinsir really isn't supposed to resemble a fighting type, it's just because of his design that the can likely learn fighting type moves, (most pokemon can learn moves based on their design, like how water types obviously associate with water, so they can usually learn ice moves, or how dragon types are capable of learning fire moves, they don't fit the type description, but still hold characteristics of them.) As for the Gyrados being a dragon type, he originally was supposed to be a water/dragon type, but there weren't any good dragon moves in generation I, so they scrapped the idea...Imagine how much harder lance would have been if it was though. Dragon would be the only weakness it had, but there were no good dragon moves, you could barely damage a powerful sweeper.

answered Dec 24, 2010 by DarkTyphlosion
There weren't really any good flying moves in Generation I either, so they should have just made it water/dragon. Maybe it was because flying moves were physical and Gyarados had better attack than special.
They could've changed Gyarados' typing in gen 2, when dragons had better moves.