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Is the flower AZ's Floette holds supposed to look like the ultimate weapon?

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Yeah, 'nuff said.

asked Jan 10 by [InsertUsernameHere]

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AZ's floette flower has the colors red and black, like yveltal
flotte has white and blue, which are also similar to xerneas

I think that the red and black on the flower stands for the death of floette while the blue and white stands for the revival of floette.

The flower does not look anything like the ultimate weapon.

answered Jan 10 by DA Shadow
selected Jan 13 by [InsertUsernameHere]
Not the flower's color, the shape.
The only difference between ALL floettes are just the color, including AZs
I'm 99% sure it's different.
Ok, the flower is different and the color too, thats it.
Nothing else different from ordinary Floettes to this AZ's Floette
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Yeah, AZ probably made the ultimate weapon like that because he loves that floette. Hope this helps!

answered Jan 10 by #Mega Pinsir