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How do I register Snivy and Serperior?

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I chose Tepig,so I registered Fire starters and water starters(from my rival) in the pokedex.In the game does any trainer have a Snivy or a Serperior(in Nimbasa you team up with a girl and she has a servine)???

asked Jan 10, 2014 by EfthimisManUnited

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It is true that you team up with another person with the Grass type starter, if you chose the Fire one that is, but there is no main character with the Snivy starter Pokemon that plays with/against you in the story. You will have to trade with other people to get it or sometimes Snivy is used at the Battle Subway. Serperior, I'm not so sure.

Hope I help :D

Source- I have Black 2

answered Jan 10, 2014 by Dark Umbreon
selected Jan 11, 2014 by EfthimisManUnited
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You have to trade, there's no way to register either of them in your game. Well, unless you hack.

Source: experience

answered Jan 10, 2014 by fondant