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Heatran mystery in X and Y?

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Two tourists are talking about a lava dome Pokemon being in the plaza. Knowing that Heatran is a lava dome Pokemon it is pretty clear that it is something about Heatran. But what is all this about?

asked Jan 10, 2014 by Nr755
retagged Jan 10, 2014 by ƒιzz
This has been bothering me too...
yeah a heatran would be really nice. people would go insane when a how to get heatran guide comes out
Could it also be this unreleased Volcanion? sounds more like Heatran but still a possibility
Lol, but actually it might be groudon when you say it. I have always thought it was volcanion but maybe you can acess jane placa in a possibly gen 3 remake with groudon or something...

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No one is really sure at this point in time. right . Now its just a mystery. is it an event? No one really knows. Eventually, when game freak or someone else finds out, the word will get around


I hope this helped!!!

answered Jan 10, 2014 by Care :D
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