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Dragonite, Typhlosion, Zoroark or Gyarados?

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Through wonder trade, I was given a jolly dratini. And the same day day I also got a cyndquill. I've found the Gyaradosite and the Zoroark I found at the Pokemon village Doesn't need training up.witch do you think is the best addition to my team of:

Cheasnaught, Blastoise, Blaziken, Crobat and Gardevoir?

asked Jan 11, 2014 by bobcat

1 Answer

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Well you already have a Fire type and a water type so you don't need Typhlosion or Gyarados. Between the last two it's a fairly simple answer in my mind so this is gonna be short and sweet.

You have a psychic weakness, and Zoroark helps with that. So I would go with Zoroark.

Sorry, not much more to it then that as that's the most glaringly obvious thing your team needs.

answered Jan 11, 2014 by MrKijani
selected Jan 11, 2014 by bobcat