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No More Victini Events?

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I'm guessing that the last Victini Event will be the last one for Gen 5. Even though my chances of finding a Legit Victini on GTS are pretty slim, I still desperately need this Mythical Pokémon so I can own all four of the Unova Mythical Pokémon. Will there be a new Victini Event within sometime in the future? In not, I'll be looking for someone to trade with.

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this question is impossible to answer as no one knows yet

2 Answers

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No Victini events have been announced for X and Y yet. There still could be one, as we are only a few months into X and Y.

And even if there is no even for X and Y, we can always look forward to events in future games.

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No that's not necessarily true. Considering that an event Pokemon like Jirachi has been given out in every Gen since Gen III (its introduction), Victini will most likely be given out in the future.

You just don't know when an event will be until it's officially announced by Nintendo, so it could be this year, it could be next year, it could even be Gen VII.

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