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Will a PokEdit shiny Pichu unlock the spiky-eared Pichu???

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enter image description hereI really want one, obviously. :P

I'm not going to spend my precious time breeding egg after egg after egg, but I need one. I was thinking about maybe using PokEdit. Thanks to all answers!!!

asked Jan 18, 2014 by spikypichy
edited Jan 20, 2014 by spikypichy

2 Answers

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actually, you can use PokEdit to download event Pokemon as well, so yes, just browse through the events section of the site, and follow the steps as you would normally.

answered Jan 18, 2014 by SoClassy
selected Jan 18, 2014 by spikypichy
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No, only the event pichu will work, no any old shiny. It's part of the pichu coding. But I know a good website for getting any poke you want, even events

answered Jan 18, 2014 by zachydoodle
pokeedit :P