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Does Sandstorm power up Steel, Rock, & Ground type moves?

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Also does Ice type moves get boosted in a Hailstorm?

asked Jan 19 by Sophisticles

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No except for Weather Ball which gets a 50% boost in both Sandstorm and Hail.

Although Sandstorm does activate Sand Rush, Sand Force and Sand Veil. Sand Force boosts Rock, Ground and Steel type moves by 30% while in a Sandstorm. Sandstorm also raises the Special Defence of all Rock, Ground and Steep type Pokémon by 50%.

Hail activates Forecast, Ice Body and Snow Cloak and allows Blizzard to bypass the accuracy check.


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answered Jan 19 by Sir Dan
selected Jan 19 by Sophisticles
Sand FORCE boosts Rock, Ground and Steel type moves by 30%. Js :P
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No, they do not.

Sand Force makes Rock / Ground / Steel types do 1.3x in a Sandstorm

Also, Sand Rush DOUBLES the Pokemon's Speed while in a Sandstorm.

Sand Veil boosts a Pokemon's evasion by 1.25x.

Ice type moves do NOT get boosted in hail. (Except for Blizzard's accuracy)

Source: Showdown o3o

answered Jan 19 by Pahffo
edited Jan 19 by Pahffo