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Why isn't the game registering Vivillon?

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Alright so recently got a Friend Safari with Vivillon in it but whenever I see it it doesn't register as the last Pokemon instead it stays as a grey pokeball icon. Is my game glitched or does it have to do with the different regional patterns Vivillon has?

asked Jan 24, 2014 by $tarPower
edited Jan 24, 2014 by $tarPower
Because I r a N00B .3.

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I think the general opinion/idea is that it's to do with the fact there are so many different Vivillion forms and the game searches for the one that you have, rather than the one in the safari zone. Lots of other people seem to have that problem too :I

Yeah, Vivillon is bugged due to having multiple forms. Since you can't see all of them in one safari, it counts as if you haven't seen it at all.


I agree with Ituralde, I think it is an oversight and the Safari Zone is looking for the meadow pattern (the default one that you can catch in Japan), but most of us are encountering other kinds of Vivillion instead and they're not registering.

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Villon has multiple patterns depending on the region it is caught it. Therefore its sprite looks different depending on your MAP location (not in the game but your game's actual region code and location as in country, state, island..yadda yaddda).

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answered Jan 24, 2014 by Sempiternus
selected Jan 24, 2014 by $tarPower
K well thanks I know my theory is correct now.
then you can say if u see 2 pokemon in a bug/flying safari but 1 gray balll you can say its vivillon
i dont think its in flying but