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Does Toxic count as an attacking move? For the purpose of Blade/Shield Forme on Aegislash?

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As the question says, really.

Will toxic trigger the switch from shield to blade forme?

asked Jan 25, 2014 by F4LL3NxEXILE

1 Answer

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No, Toxic will not cause Aegislash to change to Blade form as it is a status move and not an attacking move. Only moves that deal damage directly will cause Aegislash to change to Blade form; moves like Toxic that cause status conditions and moves that effect stats will not change Aegislash's form (unless they deal damage, like Power-Up Punch which deals damage and increases Attack by 1 stage).

answered Jan 25, 2014 by ƒιzz
Thank you, I just needed to be sure since a few things changed in X/Y.