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What Pokemon in X and Y is animated durring the Fly/Surf animation?

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Example: When you use Surf with Lapras in Pokemon X and Y, it will actually show you riding your Lapras on the water, but when you Surf with say, Slowking, it only shows you riding a black silhouette. The move "Fly" also has a similar animation for different Flying-type Pokemon.

My Question is; What are the other Pokemon that, like Lapras, have these animations when using the out-of-battle moves Fly/Surf?

asked Feb 6 by DrifterDan
edited Feb 6 by DrifterDan

1 Answer

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Special animations are all listed on serebii. Lapras is unfortunately the only special surfing Pokemon there is.

answered Feb 7 by Mewderator
selected Feb 7 by DrifterDan
Aww. For sure. Thanks

Makes me wonder though, are there undiscovered animations for fly since there are none listed? Hmm..Ima teach a Pigieot fly and find out! Lol =D

Edit: Nope. No dice.
I'm sure many people have already tried that out.
A guy can dream. =P