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Pokemon Bank lets transfer non legit Pokemon, not semi-legit Arceus?

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I am currently transferring my whole box of starters and legendaries from Pokémon White to Pokémon Y, using Poké Transporter. All Pokémon seem to pass the hack check. All Pokémon are semi-hacked. Some are trained to lvl.100 using a 8000x exp multiplier. No problem. Some legendaries are caught using a cheat to get an event item. For example my Arceus.

The problem is that my Arceus is refused to be transferred, that I used a cheat to get the Azure Flute in Platinum, captured in a Master Ball (out of my 999), and trained to level 100 using an experience multiplier. On the other hand, I got a Rayquaza, which I caught using a cheat to find it at lv.100 in Route 30. But that one is accepted to be transferred. Any ideas?

Arceus info (White):
Bold nature.
Apparently arrived at Lv. 100.
Likes to run.

Rayquaza info:
Impish nature.
Apparently arrived at Lv. 100.
Quick to flee.

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The Pokébank isn't as anti-cheated Pokémon as it was supposed to be. A lot of cheated Pokémon have gotten through Pokébank but some Pokémon can be detected.

Here are some cases:

This-This-This-This-This-And This

So there has been many cases of it happening. It is not just something that has happened to you.

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i had an arceus i got in platinum from a friend and it didin´t pass so i created like 20 arceus using pokedit to pass 1 so i think the problem is with arceus itself  the one that passed was one from event
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Poke bank is not entirely Hack free. It only dosn't allow created Pokemon to pass. Created Pokemon are the ones from Pokedit, pokegen, and other sites to create Pokemon. Also, If you were to just hack up a Pokemon and add shiny properties, then you could still trade off it through pokebank.
Ways pokebank can spot hacked Pokemon:
-Move set and ability EX: Venonat with Turboblaze Moves: V-Create, Flamethrower, skull bash, water gun
-Event Pokemon
Some event Pokemon can be shiny, but most aren't shiny, so shiny event pokes (EX: shiny Genesect) won't be allowed to pass through
-Trainer ID
If the ID is blank, lacks amount of numbers, or is a bunch of 0's, then the Pokemon won't pass through
Source: Experience

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My shiny sinnoh trio got through though
In my answer, I said "If you were to just hack up a Pokemon and add shiny properties, then you could still trade off it through pokebank."
I never said you can't...
I had hacked a Latios and a Rotom-Wash with full stats for competitive through PokéBuilder and they made it no problemo.