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Where is skitty in platinum?

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Please answer this before sunday, febuary 8th... thanks!

asked Feb 8, 2014 by plasma skitty

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Skitty can be found in Route 222 in Platinum, in a swarm.
So, it might be a pain, but there is also trading, and transferring from other games.
It is a 36-40% chance, and that is if you get the right swarm.
Here is a swarm chart for Platinum to help you out.
Hope I helped!

answered Feb 8, 2014 by redring345
selected Mar 15, 2014 by plasma skitty
Thank you, and I like your creative answer. Nice job on the sprite and the link.
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Skitty can be found on Route 222

These answers can be easily searched so next time could you search it please? Thanks.

answered Feb 8, 2014 by MrKijani
Amen about these questions