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How do I get the Extreme speed Dratini?

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I fixed the E4 and did the 8th gym badge. But I fixed te test but I didnt get the special Dratini. I didnt get the normaö and I answered perfectly. How do I get it?

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You probaly answered wrong  :P

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Dratini can only learn Extreme Speed in HG / SS versions.

Go to the cave of dragons or whatever it may be called after beating the Gym Leader. There will be an old man in the center. He will begin to ask you a few questions. When you answer, "think about what the Pokemon would want", as the HG / SS guide book quotes. Depending on you're set of answers, the man will give you a Dratini, level 5. if you answered correctly, it will know the move

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Come there with one spot empty?
I did se
Got it now i just took the TM from clair
Its lvl 15 and you must take the TM from clair first but WHO Cares