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What is the best pokemon from each type of pokemon starter?

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Which is better from grass-type: Venusaur, Meganium, Sceptile, or Torterra?
Which is better from fire-type: Charizard, Typhlosion, Blaziken, or Infernape?
Which is better from water-type: Blastoise, Feraligatr, Smampert, or Empoleon?

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My opinion:

Grass: Sceptile - with a overall stat of 530, a high sp.attack and speed but a low defense.

Fire: Charizard - with a overall stat of 534, a high sp.attack and speed, and a good set of moves.

Water: Swampert - with a overall stat of 535, a high hp, attack and a good balance of def and sp.def, and a good variety of move-sets.

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I would say Fire: Charizard(AWESOME special attack and speed)
Water: Swampert(Awesome attack and Health)
Grass: Torterra: (Awesome attack and defnse)

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sceptile and torterra are tied in awesomeness due to stats and moves



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I agree with Swampert, CHARIZARD ROCKS! It's rated probbably the best fire-type Pokemon. But if your not fond of Charizard, I woul go with Torterra or Sceptile.

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Blaziken- With access to Speed Boost, it can out-speed anything by using Protect and it packs a serious punch with 120 Att, and if you manage to use Swords Dance, it's basically game over.


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Greninja- One word, Protean. Protean changes the user's type to the type of the move it uses, meaning it always has STAB and is nearly impossible to predict. (not to mention it's 122 Speed and 103 SpA.)


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Venusaur (mega)- This thing is bulky as hell. 120 SpD and 123 Def mean you can easily set up Substitue and Leech seed, Thick Fat is an excellent ability for this tanky Pokemon, it makes Ice and Fire attacks only do neutral damage leaving it with only 2 weaknesses.

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TBH I'd say all Hoenn starters.
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grass-type: between torterra and sceptile
fire-type: infernape
water-type: Feraligatr

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Infernapes are terrible!!!!!!!!!!
What bout Emboar
It depends on what you need them for.Grass are very Mixed defense,status laying,and Sp.Attacks.
Fire:Mixed Attackes,Powerful but low acc attacks,and can lay burns.
Water:Sp.Attacks,burn,and can be defensive