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Which Elite Four in gen 4 give the most exp?

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Is it Platinum second time? or HG/SS second time?

asked Feb 19, 2014 by Artist KS

1 Answer

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In order to do this, we have to look at math. Yay!

what is this st00pid scarf

This is the formula for gaining experience in Generations I-IV. It seems complicated, but it really isn't.

EXP is the experience you gain.

a is a value that equals 1 when you battle a wild Pokemon or 1.5 when you battle a trainer.

b is a value that equals the base experience yield of the opposing Pokemon's species.

e is a value that equals 1, or 1.5 if one of the participating Pokemon holds a Lucky Egg.

L is a value that equals the level of the fainted Pokemon.

s is a value equal to the number of participating Pokemon that haven't fainted. This changes with EXP share.

t is a value that equals 1 when the Pokemon's OT is you, 1.5 when traded, and 1.7 when traded internationally.

Now, in order to find out which E4 gives more experience in their 2nd+ runs, we must look at each and every Pokemon the E4 (not including Cynthia/Lance) carries. But, there is one noticeable difference...

Look at HGSS, and then at Platinum. Compared to Platinum's level 65-75 Pokemon, HGSS has sad levels of 58-64. No matter what the EXP yield, level always plays a difference in this formula.

Answer? Platinum's E4 gives more EXP due to it's higher levels.

Read up on Experience. How much EXP Platinum's E4 gives.

answered Feb 20, 2014 by Le Scraf