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Is there a limit to how big Black City and White Forest can become in Black/White?

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I know that in order to expand the city/forest, you need to go through Entralink with someone else's game and invite people to their Black Ciry/White Forest. I'm sure this works more than once, so is there a limit to how many people there are in these two places?

asked Feb 21, 2014 by Shiny Hunter Luna

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The maximum population differs between the two games:

White Forest has a maximum population of 25, although only 10 residents can be present at any one time.

This means that even though there can be 25 people, only 10 of them can be recruited residents.



The number of overall residents can vary between 12 (minimum occupancy, at which residents only exist in the Pokémon Center and gates) and 45 (maximum occupancy), 12 of them being Trainers at the maximum (including the two Trainers inside the marketplace, both of whom can only be battled once).

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answered Feb 21, 2014 by Celestial★Hurricane
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