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Should all kalos pokedex be seen or caught to obtain oval charm?

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asked Feb 22, 2014 by Đarkheart

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Yes. Caught

From Professor Sycamore after completing the Kalos Pokédex (excluding Articuno, Zapdos, Moltres and Mewtwo)


A Youtube Video showing this
Also in the youtube video's description;

Head to Coumarine City, talk to the Game Director then, when you're done there, go to the Pokemon Lab in Lumiose City. On Floor 3 of the Lab, speak to Professor Sycamore and if all 3 of your Pokedex are fully completed (caught all Pokemon), he will give you the Oval Charm.

answered Feb 22, 2014 by Sempiternus
selected Feb 22, 2014 by Đarkheart
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Source: I know several people who have the oval charm.

answered Feb 22, 2014 by Erapidash
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