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Is fiery dance worth it?

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So considering the kind of Pokemon that Volcarona is, with it's good special attack would it be worth it training it up to level 100 so it can learn fiery dance?

asked Feb 23, 2014 by theturleking

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Yes, in my opinion.

Although Fiery Dance has only 80 Base Power compared to Fire Blast's Base 110 and Flamethrower's base 90, it has a very useful side effect: a 50% chance to boost it's Special Attack by 1 stage. This, in conjunction with the move Quiver Dance (1 stage boost to Special Attack, Special Defense and Speed) can quite possibly lead to a sweep of the opponents team (provided no Heatran xD)

answered Feb 23, 2014 by Ion
selected Feb 23, 2014 by theturleking