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Is there an ability on move that prevents Pokemon to use self damaging moves?

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I'm training my catching team.

  1. Amoongoos w/regenerator ability spore, synthesis and rest (it will be a tank that makes targets go to sleep)
  2. False swipe Haxorus w/mold breaker, swords dance and Pokemon with camouflage/soak or leavany w/false swipe , camouflage, swords dance and entertaiment (if Pokemon has ability insomnia which prevents sleeping)
  3. Celebi with heal block and heal bell (sometimes Pokemon get status effects)
  4. Pokémon with suction cups(probably octillery w/haze or malamar w/hypnosis)

I need Pokemon that will prevent self damaging or destructing somehow (I would prefer a move) do you know any abilitys or moves that can prevent it? (I think that wraps everything up if I missed something about Pokemon getting away/fainting/blacking me out and so on or you have a better idea please tell me.)

asked Feb 26, 2014 by nika50501
edited Feb 26, 2014 by Lord Dan

3 Answers

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Damp - Prevents the use of Explosion and Self-Destruct
Rock Head - Prevents recoil damage from all moves albeit Struggle
Magic Guard - Prevents all indirect damage (i.e. Weather, Hazards, Recoil, Life Orb)

answered Feb 27, 2014 by Le Scraf
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The ability damp prevents the use of explosive moves (i.e. self-destruct and explosion). Hope that helped :/

answered Feb 26, 2014 by woah
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The abilities Magic Guard and Rock Head will prevent recoil damage from all attacks with recoil damage except for Struggle.

answered Feb 26, 2014 by Celestial★Hurricane