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Why does Ash have difficulty with first gym leaders (meant for beginner trainers)?

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Normally when trainers go up against gym leaders like Falkner, Roxanne, Roark, The Striaton Bros., Cheren, and Viola for their first badge, it means they are beginners who recently caught their first few Pokemon.

With Ash however, even though he never actually defeated Brock, he at least made it to the Indigo League. Five regions later, Viola mops the floor with him. So how is an actual beginner (like Serena) supposed to fare against an OP gym leader like her if Ash manages to lose to her on his first try?

Would they have to do five regions worth of training before they can defeat the first gym leader in their home region?

asked Feb 27, 2014 by Kid Sonic

3 Answers

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In the anime, levels do not exist, and battles are essentially done for substance and plot production. This is clearly evident in Surskit using Ice Beam to freeze the battlefield and Vivillon using Psychic to trap Fletchling in a Sticky Web and leaving it defenseless to Solarbeam. Anime battle are a lot more... vivid.

Think about it. If Ash roflstomped Viola, would there be any motive to train with her/challenge her again? No, not at all. Viola would barely see character development, and her character would quickly be forgotten.

Would they have to do five regions worth of training before they can defeat the first gym leader in their home region?

Ash doesn't always have the same Pokemon. Ash actually only had 2 Pokemon on hand during that battle, both of which were not fully evolved, to Viola's Vivillon and Surskit.

So how is an actual beginner (like Serena) supposed to fare against an OP gym leader like her if Ash manages to lose to her on his first try?

Serena actually witnessed the battle, seeing Viola's tactics used against Ashe. Since levels don't exist, remember, Serena could easily use these tactics against her. Also, Serena has Fennekin, which has a type advantage over Viola.

answered Feb 27, 2014 by Scraf
What do levels have to do with any of this? I never once brought it up. As for getting stronger, experience is just as common as it is in the real world.

And besides, if levels really did exist, Pikachu would've reached his limit years ago.

BTW, Pikachu sucking is a vague opinion, not a fact. It's like saying Goku manages to outclass all his friends because he's awesome.

But still, a newbie has a chance of winning on their first try (in the anime), while Ash can't?
1) Levels gauge a Pokemon's strength, and I'm telling you it doesn't exist. Hurrah!
2) Exactly, and that's why Ash won the second battle, no?
3) Obviously.
4) I agree.
5) That's because Serena has type advantage, and Fletchling just dies o3o. In all seriousness, however, Ash doesn't know Viola's battling style. And that's why he lost.

...for real, who can FREEZE A BATTLEFIELD?
Fletchling was a good answer for the ice but honestly if I didn't know what the second Pokémon was I'd have used Froakie. Just use frubbles and the ice field becomes a mine field for Surskit. At the very least you would funnel it's movements to certain areas.
Why didn't Vivillon just use psychic the whole time though? There's no way to defend it and you can't exactly attack back in the anime if they abuse it.
Does anyone else notice that all of Ash's current Pokémon are fast and frail. The team needs to get some bulk on it. I don't even care if he needs to reunite with his Snorlax at the bridge just get some bulk. I would prefer to see a Goodra though. The gooey hugs would also serve as great anime humor.
The anime is meant to be entertaining, not to make sense. For example, in gen 3 ash and friends go through a desert. When they run out of water, they faint from the heat. Any smart person would just use their water pokemon. But because that would be boring, Nintendo chose entertainment over sense, like many other shows. If everything was easy like the game, the show would be boring
I got a better one: How come I beat Viola on my first try and Ash couldn't. Am I a far better trainer than Ash?
In the games or the anime?
In general. Even if levels DID exist in the anime (even though they WERE mentioned in EP009), I wasn't exactly an uber-class at the time.
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probaly because he is not used to the new Pokemon from Kalos. Also in the anime, style matters too. Ash may not be used to the style of the gym leaders. Plus, pikachu sucks.

answered Feb 27, 2014 by zoroark kills arceus
Pikachu is Cuuute
cute =/= strong
what about gardevoir?
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In all honesty Ash is a horrible trainer, he repeatedly hands over several of his Pokemon to be trained by others, then never sees them again. He refuses to evolve many of his Pokemon making there excess of levels worthless because there stats never reach there maximum potential. Also Levels do exist in the anime it season 6 they are referenced at least 4 times on separate occasions.
If Ash was a good trainer we would see him thrashing every gym with Charizard, Sceptile, Donphan, Kingler, Muk and he would of evolved Pikachu a long time ago, these where all Pokemon Ash has and leaves in his boxes and could be using to actually win a league.
Ash is a sub-par trainer he always looses at the first gym and generally looses at least three gym battles and has to try again or wins by fluke like how he won against Wattson.

answered Apr 27, 2014 by swampdonkey013