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Can you use your Nintendo eShop funds for Pokémon Bank?

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Most of us have gotten our free trial to Pokémon Bank on the day it was released, but it expires in four days. I have a lot of eShop funds and prepaid cards I accumulated through out the years, and I was wondering if I could use them on Pokémon Bank. My parents don't like putting their credit card number on a children's toy, so I won't be able to use the service. I'm still catching lots of Unova Pokémon, and I need the service.

asked Mar 1 by SadeRed

2 Answers

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Yes it's the meaning of Pokebank you can only buy it with Nintendo Eshops Funds.
That's why it's in the Eshop.
Source Experience

answered Mar 1 by Natsu
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Yeah. Anything on the eShop is fair game when it comes to eShop funds.

Just remember you use 3DS cards, and not these.

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answered Mar 1 by Le Scraf