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Do I need to invest speed EVs to Mega Scizor to outspeed anything particular?

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I'm just wondering, because I haven't really used Scizor before and I need a good EV spread. :)

asked Mar 9, 2014 by Goomy Gang

3 Answers

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Scizor usually doesn't use any EVs in speed, the standard spread, I guess you could call it that, is 252 in HP, 252 in Atk and 4 in Sp.Def.
So you don't need to put any in speed and it most likely works better that way since it's slower in general and isn't meant to be a fast sweeper. Plus you have Bullet punch which is really nice priority, especially if you get a Swords dance or two up beforehand.

Hope I helped.

answered Mar 9, 2014 by JackZero
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It depends. You might want to invest just enough to outspeed something with almost the same base speed startar could be dagerpus for you. An example is defensive heatran. Its speed stat is 77 while sciz's is 75. It could be a good idea to give it 20 or18 EVs in speed just to outspeed and kill it with superpower before it manages to kill you. So find a Pokemon that could be a huge treat (for example heatran) and add just enough speed to take it. Look here and scroll down to find Pokemons in the same speed class as mega scizor

answered Mar 9, 2014 by Dr Dude
Staying in on a Heatran is usually a very bad idea, that is why you don't need to speed creep with Scizor. Superpower is actually just used to catch steel types ON THE SWITCH, not by staying in on them. Heatran can also run some speed investment to creep, so it really isn't a good idea to stay in.
Sure, but the heatran thing was just an example.   And its still a good idea (imo) To outspeed it if you can so you doesnt lose your SD while switching out.
Swords Dance sets shouldn't be using Superpower in the last slot: it should either be Roost or Knock Off.
You get the point ;P
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Scizor doesn't need any Speed investment in most of its sets; it usually uses a mix of 252 Atk + a mix of def / sdef / hp.

There is only one set that uses speed investment, and that's the offensive SD set. It uses 252 Spd, with a Scizorite or a Life Orb.

answered Mar 9, 2014 by JirachiCelebiMew