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How come every generation's legendary pokemon has a trio?

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In kanto they have
moletres,zapdos,and articuno

in johto they have

in hoenn they had (yes now it is four but originally)
regice,regirock,and registeel

in sinnoh they have
uxie,azelf,and mesprit

i forget about unova's but I know they are
flying,electric flying,and ground flying

asked Jan 9, 2011 by metalord
edited Jul 2, 2011 by metalord

1 Answer

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They all have a tie in with the mascot legends. The lake Trio form the chain that holds down the mascot legend, the johto Beast trio help protect johto and were revived by Ho-Oh. the Regis were created during the stone, ice and iron ages of human technology and awaken Regigigas who I think formed the earth. Go to Bulbapedia for the whole legend

answered Jan 10, 2011 by MetalGearYoshi
the unovas are tornadous, thundourous, and landourous
As well as Terrakion, Virizion, and Cobalion.