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Is Pokemon village glitched or am I colour blind!?

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some one please confirm for me: fish in the Pokemon village and get a berry tree in the background. Knock them down and see what you get. Am I crazy, or are the sprites that fall pink, but the berry picked up is from the purple group. Is this normal!?

asked Mar 14, 2014 by hyper beam
Lol "color blind"
I'd test this but I'm only still trying to beat Team Plasma at the Power Plant.
Boohoo D:
You mean team Flare?
...You don't understand how often I get that confused.
Yeah, Team Flare.
at the very least I'm pretty sure purple berries are only from grassy fields along with green, and you are supposed to get pink berries on beach front areas (i.e. fishing/azure bay)

1 Answer

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Its probably the sprite image that messed up. Sometimes the sprite colors mess up. You can't expect your hand held to work perfectly over a long period of time! Your probably not color blind though,

answered Mar 17, 2014 by KyogresTrench