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Is there a way to get contrary Serperior in Gen 6?

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By the way, I KNOW there is a way to get one, because I got SWEPT by one. My friend had a Serperior, he used leaf storm and his special attack increased by 2 stages instead of decreased.

asked Mar 16, 2014 by Hairy Shed
retagged Sep 26, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!

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Well... you can't really get one.
I assume there is one way of how your opponent could have gotten it.

This Serperior may have been hacked from Gen V to have the Contrary ability, and he may have traded it to X and Y via Pokebank. Of course, it's still debatable if Pokemon with unavailable Hidden Abilities can get through.

If unavailable Hidden-abilitied Pokemon can't get through the Pokebank, your friend obviously knows how to hack the game, or has traded someone who knows how to hack the game because Contrary Serperior is not available.

Hope I helped. :)

answered Mar 16, 2014 by !'•-Indigo-•'!
selected Mar 16, 2014 by Hairy Shed
what about friend safari?
Snivy isn't available in the Friend Safari.
Oh ok. Since its in the code, it must be available at some point in this generation. Perhaps the safari zone in Alpha Sapphire and Omega Ruby will be similar to the Friend Safari, and it will feature different Pokémon, such as Snivy.
Since it's in the code doesn't mean it's gonna be available, there were plenty of Pokemon that had a Hidden Ability in Gen V and never got it released in that generation. There are some Pokemon that still don't have it.
Ok. Example: Entei, Suicune, Raikou, they still don't have their hidden abilities, right?
I got a timid contrary snivy from wonder trade.
Mr. Trainer29, HA Snivy was recently released in a Japanese event, so that Snivy you received may be legitimate. However, HA Snivy had not been released at the time of this question.
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You can get it on GTS now because there's an event in Japan where the Unova Starters with their hidden abilities can be downloaded by code. It's only in Japan, but they have bred their starters and put them on GTS so everybody else can get it there. I got my Contrary Snivy in exchange for Regenerator Slowpoke.

answered Jan 21 by Tranceaholic
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The code for Contrary Serperior is POKEMON497


answered Jan 24 by The Bulbasaur