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Is this a Showdown Glitch?

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Is this a glitch?
skip to the end of the replay. Gengar is sent out after the battle ends.

asked Mar 17, 2014 by Alpha Burn
edited Mar 17, 2014 by ƒιzz
Yes it is a glitch, it has happened to me before.

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It is most likely the consequence of lag. The site probably picked up your request to send out Gengar, but because of lag, your opponent's forfeit was published first and Gengar was sent out afterwards.

These kinds of harmless bugs are common on Showdown. Since they don't do anything, the probably aren't the PS! staff's top priority to fix.

answered Mar 17, 2014 by ƒιzz
selected Mar 22, 2014 by Alpha Burn
Thanks. Really just curiosity, not gamebreaking or anything.
I hate lag.