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What indirect damage does not rely on Speed to determine which Pokemon takes it first?

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Or is there any?

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I'm 97% sure there isn't, but I'm not prepared at this time O day to trundle through the list looking for any ones that don't or find a source, so I'll get someone else to steal some points
I'm on it.

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Each form is a replay on Pokemon Showdown!.
Forms of indirect damage:

Poison/Bad Poison
Bad Dreams
Trapped (Through Wrap, Fire Spin, etc.)
Leech Seed
Stealth Rock
Sun (With Dry Skin/Solar Power)

So in a nutshell, Nightmare (from Bad Dreams) doesn't rely on speed. And that's it!

Source: All of the above replays

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wow. Nightmare is a rebel. :P
Wait, is it only Bad Dreams, or does normal Nightmare defy Speed as well?