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Giratina's Origin Forme?

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I just got Giratina into my copy of Pokémon Y, and I'm wondering how I can get Giratina into its Origin Forme. Any way how?

asked Mar 27 by Reshval

2 Answers

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While it is not known to evolve to or from any other Pokémon, it has a second forme activated by giving Giratina a Griseous Orb to hold. Its original forme, Altered Forme, will then become Origin Forme. -Bulbapedia

Just give it a Griseous Orb :)

answered Mar 27 by Dr.Flame
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The Griseous Orb is located in Terminus cave in the room where Zygarde is located with the Adamant orb and Lusterous orb

answered Mar 27 by V-Man