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Why do I keep getting 0 IV Deino when I have a perfect IV Ditto and Destiny Knot?

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So I'm breeding my first team in X and Y, and I'm trying to get a Deino with perfect IV's. My only ditto is one with 6 perfect IV's, and it holds Destiny Knot, which transfers 5 IV's. However, none of the Deinos I have gotten so far has even 1 perfect IV! I checked, the little perfect IV markers are there. I know the ditto has perfect IV's also. I'm just straight breeding those two until I get one with perfect IV's in HP, Def, SAk, SDf, and Spd. What am I missing here?

asked Mar 28, 2014 by Alpha Burn
edited Mar 28, 2014 by Scraf
you have to mark the iv markers. they dont get marked on thier own.

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Remember, Destiny Knot only transfers 5 of the 12 possible IVs to offspring. I explain this in more elaborate detail here. IV Breeding requires patience and luck, so you will get that 5 IV Deino sooner or later.

Source: Above link and Experience

answered Mar 28, 2014 by Scraf
selected Mar 28, 2014 by Alpha Burn