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What are all the power boosting abilities?

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like dark aura. this is for ,doubles also suggest some good major power Pokemon

asked Mar 31, 2014 by Dr. shedinja

1 Answer

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i have included most abilities that has anything with positive damage modification to do except for boosting stats (ligtingrod, defiant, moxie etc) but I add these if you want too

dark aura, fairy aura, sheer force, technician, pure power, huge power, adaptability, analytic, blaze, overgrow, torrent, flare boost, guts, toxic boost, flash fire, flower gift, hustle, iron fist, mega launcher, minus, plus, pixilate, reckless, refrigerate, sand force, rivalry, sniper, solar power, swarm, tinted lens, tough claws,

again, feel free to suggest changes (instead of down voting if you miss something)

answered Mar 31, 2014 by Dr Dude