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How does a trainer fight as "one" with his Pokemon?

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"Brandon says that he fought well and he will be ready once Ash and his Pokémon learn to fight as one."

Is this even a thing? What did Ash's Kanto starters have to do with this? Or were they just stalling for the release of Diamond & Pearl.

asked Mar 31 by Kid Sonic

3 Answers

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Fighting as one means going beyond just sending commands to the Pokemon and the Pokemon simply obeying them. It's Pokemon and trainer knowing each other so well that the Pokemon knows that when its trainer (Ash) says use quick attack what he really means is get ready to use your fastest volt tackle yet, and when he says take the super effective attack head on what he really means is dodge at the last second and use iron tail. Ash is good at that but he still has a lot to learn to be at, say Cynthia's level, so I think it was just a good piece of advice. And I wouldn't say it was stalling, they put that kind of stuff in the show all the time, it's perfectly normal.

answered May 2 by relict9
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what Brandon meant was Ash's Pokemon had to learn to fight as one team, not as individual Pokemon and that would make them stronger.

source: logic.

answered Mar 31 by Sir Terlor
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I think he means that Ash should believe in his newer Pokémon and not use them as a tool. Pokémon should be his best friends and not a tool he use for battling.

answered Mar 31 by ThatAin'tFalco
edited Apr 3 by ThatAin'tFalco
And when hasn't Ash done this?