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What male Pokemon is good for breeding with mandibuzz?

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i just picked up a copy of black 2, and unfortinatly the Pokemon I really wanted to add to my team Vullaby doesnt show up till super late. now I can catch a mandibuzz but I dont like its ability. so I wanna breed it w a good male Pokemon to make a powerfull vullaby for my team. what male flyers "exculsive to black 2" would be the best for this?

asked Mar 31, 2014 by sissypoketrainer

1 Answer

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Any Pokemon in the Flying Egg Group (listed here) or Ditto is able to breed with Mandibuzz. Do note that Vullaby does not evolve into Mandibuzz until Level 50, so you will have to wait awhile before you get that desired Mandibuzz.

answered Mar 31, 2014 by Mewderator