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How do I calculate a moves power after stab a elemental plate(like splash plt) and the Pokemons critical hit?

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Dont ban this question its to help me work out calculations!

Oh thx to the guy that told me you times the power by 1.7 many thx

And in maths ive got an A+ in university lol

asked Apr 2 by Dr. shedinja
edited Apr 2 by Dr. shedinja
in pokemon X/Y a crt hit is 1.5x (2x in any other game) damage, 1.5+1.2=1.7x the damag. its simple math
^pretty much what he said :I
Perhaps you could answer terlor?

2 Answers

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in Pokemon X/Y a crt hit is 1.5x (2x in any other game) so the math is: 1.5+1.2=1.7 so 1.7x the power of the move used.
example: psychic has 90 power so 1.7*90= 153 power

answered Apr 2 by Sir Terlor
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I don't think you add the numbers since they are multipliers.

So for example let's take psyichic:
90 base power, 1.2x multiplier for Mind plate and 1.5x for cirt(2x for other generations)

For Gen 6: 90x1.2x1.5=162
For pre-Gen6: 90x2x1.2=216

Hope I helped.

answered Apr 2 by JackZero