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How to teach iron tail to magmar by breeding ?

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I want to teach to my magmar futur babies the move iron tail but I don't know which Pokemon can breed with him and transfert iron tail.

asked Apr 9, 2014 by mathou33

2 Answers

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One of the ways to teach Magmar Iron Tail by breeding is teaching it to Lucario in Black and White 2 via move tutor then breeding it with a female Magmar. In X and Y just transfer the Lucario via Poke Bank then breeding it with female Magmar. Hope I helped!
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answered Apr 9, 2014 by Sigma Dragoon
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What I would suggest doing is going to a Move Tutor and teaching it to a male Lucario, then breeding the male Lucario with a female Magmar/Magmortar. The reason for it having to be a male Lucario is because only males can pass down moves.


Hope this helps :)

answered Apr 9, 2014 by Doctor Chu
In X/Y, females can also pass down egg moves.
Oh, I didn't know that :P