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Why didn't my Sneasel evolve?

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In Black 2 I leveled it up at night while it held a Razor Claw but it didn't evolve!

asked Apr 20, 2014 by SpacefishFlygon

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You have to level up with Razor Claw and in the Night. So if it was in the day it didn't evolve but it have to be night also.

Source I use Weavile

answered Apr 20, 2014 by Natsu
selected Apr 20, 2014 by SpacefishFlygon
This is random but I was on GTS Negotiations with a Japanese person(with a JPN game) a while back(a year or so?) and they gave me a Lv. 100 Weavile. I don't even remember what I gave them. I think it was a Dream Lugia or something.
Weird. A dream world lugia for weavile. I would rather give a free