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Fantina isn't there?

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I'm playing Pokemon pearl nuzlocke, I beat maylene and wake and am at heart home gym, she still isn't there. What am I doing wrong?

asked Apr 20, 2014 by Da Togekiss

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Basically its this. First you go to Pastoria City to fight Crasher wake and beat him, afterwards there is a Galactic grunt talking to himself about Team Galactic information. After a while you follow him till you reach Valor Lakefront where he decides its time for a battle after you beat him Cynthia comes in and tell you to go to Celestic town and hands you a Secret Potion item set to be used on the Psyducks blocking your path in a Route by Solaceon town. Then you go to Celestic town and you go to the Ancient ruins cave where you get the HM surf. and Finally you can fly back to Hearthome City and face Fantina
Source: Experience o3o

answered Apr 20, 2014 by Pooka
selected Apr 22, 2014 by Da Togekiss
That's a lotta experience you got there. xD
I was actually on this part this morning :3
lol that's funny
Thx, I forgot all about those psyduck :P