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Which pokemon is the most resistant to all types?

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asked Jan 18, 2011 by staraptor360

4 Answers

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Obviously the Steel type. They are resistant to 11 of the seventeen types. It is the most used pokemon type for a Physical and Special walls

answered Jan 18, 2011 by &Psychic x
selected Dec 18, 2012 by Mewderator
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Well normal types only have one weakness which is fighting. but have no strenghs on any type.

answered Jan 19, 2011 by barry's#1fan
Ghost doesn't affect normal types
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answered Jan 19, 2011 by swampert6
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The Magnemite family I guess is the most resistant Pokemon, being resistant to Normal, Flying, Poison, Bug, Steel, Grass, and Electric. Also, when using Magnet Rise, are immune to Ground type moves, their only double-weakness.

answered Jan 21, 2011 by ShadowBuizel