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What do Poffins do?

2 votes

I know that giving a pokemon poffins makes it happier, but what does it mean when it raises a Pokemon's stat (i.e. cool, tough, smart)?

asked Jan 19, 2011 by Fire Trainer

2 Answers

2 votes

Poffins make your pokemon happy if their eating the ones they like. the flavour also stands for a type of contest like spicy=cool and so on, which help in the visual part of the contest.

answered Jan 19, 2011 by barry's#1fan
1 vote

Those stats are for entering pokemon in pokemon contests in Diamond/Pearl/Platinum.

They also have pokemon contests in 3rd gen. but used Pokeblocks instead of Poffins. But the same stats still apply.

answered Jan 19, 2011 by Sam Sam Sam Sam