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What is a chobomaki?

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It says ur supposed to trade a karrablast through the chobomaki to get escavalier... and escavalier is just rediculously AWESOME

asked Jan 20, 2011 by Zekrom14

2 Answers

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Chobomaki is a pokemon which can evolve only by trading it to a trainer who sent you a Karrablast. Both of these pokemon evolve when trading that way.

For example - I have a Chobomaki, you have a Karrablast. you trade me a Karrablast while I trade you Chobomaki. Both pokemon evolve.

answered Jan 21, 2011 by NJDevil
Um, wow. that's kinda complex...
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I have no idea what your talking about, Chobomaki is a pokemon that evolves to Accelgor by trading it. See here for more information on Chobomaki:

answered Jan 21, 2011 by &Psychic x