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What is a good counter to Talonflame?

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'Nuff said

asked May 11 by [Dark Star] Greninja

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Tyranitar. Or almost any rock Pokemon.

Most Talonflames have a choice band, and sweep with Brave Bird.
But, some do have Uturn, but they will most likely have a choice band and locked into another move.

Heres a set:

Tyranitar@leftovers/assult vest
Sand Stream Ability
Adamant Nature

Stone Edge-STAB
Pursuit-Predicted Switch outs, Stab
Earthquake-Type coverage

Having Pursuit will take out Uturn switchouts and Switchouts.
Stone edge for stay-ins, and crunch and earthquake for other Pokemon

Hope I helped! ;)

answered May 11 by Mr. Blazo
selected May 11 by [Dark Star] Greninja