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Should I teach Psychic to my Chimecho or my Drifblim?

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My Chimecho knows the moves:
Heal Bell
Shadow Ball
Last Resort (im planning to replace psychic with this)

My Drifblim knows:
Fly (i needed a flying Pokemon)
Ominous Wind
Psych Up

asked May 13 by pokeaddict1729
Why not both.....
Because I only have one tm...

1 Answer

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Honestly, Chimecho is a better Pokemon in this scenario to get Psychic, as you do get STAB. Also, Drifblim has no use for Psychic - Poison and Fighting, the two type Psychic hits, are resisted by Drifblim, and won't be able to do much to it anyways.

answered May 13 by Mewderator
I agree with Mew couldn't have put it better my self