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If I have an Arcanine(F) and Zoroark(M), Zoroark copies the gender change. When it does can it get infatuated by Attract?

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To make things clear, will the Zoroark get infatuated by a FEMALE Pokemon. I am asking this as Zoroark will be shown as an Arcanine(F) and it will be weird if a female Pokemon infatuates another 'female' Pokemon.

asked May 14, 2014 by [Dark Star] Greninja

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Everything Zoroark copies from the last slot Pokemon is ornamental i.e other than appearance they have no effect whatsoever. So if your male Zoroark does make itself appear as a female Arcanine, as it is still originally male, an attract from a female Pokemon will work.

Source - Experience and this

answered May 14, 2014 by Qwerty_Zoom
selected May 14, 2014 by [Dark Star] Greninja
"NPC's Skitty(F) used attract on Arcanine(F)! Arcanine(F) fell in love with Skitty(F)! Just tested this and it worked. Btw, Arcanine is Zoroark.
I hid them, but honestly you have to get used to that. The Internet is going to be like that, and your age can't do anything to change that.
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Yes, Zoroark will get infatuated.

Source: Experience

answered May 14, 2014 by ~Crimson~
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Because Zoroark only makes an illusion and only uses its on moves , stats , gender , etc.
So if zoroark is a boy then it will get infatuated or the other way around.

answered May 14, 2014 by Blade with Leaves