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Is Electivire Lv. X from mysterious treasures capable of becoming invincible?

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This card says if you discard all your opponents tools and stadiums then you are immune to everything about an attack next turn. Does this mean that it is possible to technically discard it all when they have no items or stadiums in play then become an 100% legit invincible card.
This sounds stupid but technically can it be invincible.

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No, you have to discard a Pokemon Toll or Stadium card to prevent damage. if Your opponent has none of these cards in-play (not on their hand) you cant discard anything and he doesnt become invicible that turn

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If there is none though isn't 0 minus 0 still discarding them all?
No, if your opponent doesnt have any cards that can be discarded and you therefore can't discard a card the attack only does 50 with no additional affect. Look at the description:
Discard all of your opponent's Pokémon Tool cards and Stadium cards in play. IF YOU DO, prevent all effects, including damage, done to Electivire during your opponent's next turn. It says IF you do. If you dont, (because your opponent had
none of these cards) nothing happens in addition.