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If Aegislash uses rest and sleep talk would it change form if it attacks?

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asked May 18, 2014 by mitch
edited May 18, 2014 by Sir Dan

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Yes, Aegislash changes form whenever it attacks.

If it were to use rest, then sleep talk, and shadow ball was used, it would change to blade form if it wasn't already in blade form. However, if kings shield was used, it would change to shield form if it wasn't already in shield form.

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answered May 18, 2014 by The Noby
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As far as I can tell, yes. Aegislash will change to the form of the move the Sleep Talk selects, not Sleep Talk itself.


answered May 18, 2014 by the_netts
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No, it would not. Moves that call other moves, such as Sleep Talk, likely Metronome and Assist, do not activate Aegislash's Stance Change ability. You'd be safe to hide in shield form during the rest turns. However, keep in mind, that, with King's Shield, Rest and Sleep Talk; you'd have room for only one other move. Choose wisely.


answered Jan 17 by Trainer_Samothy