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Is it possible to have a Hydreigon with both Earth Power and Dark Pulse in X&Y?

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Now that X and Y have Dark Pulse as a TM again. Is it possible to produce a Hydreigon with both moves? I know this was not possible in the previous generation. would transferring a Garchomp forward that knows Earth Power and produce a Deino that knows the move can I teach it the DP TM?

asked May 21, 2014 by DaimonC
It actually was possibly in Gen V, since both moves were move tutor moves in B2W2.

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Yes it would happen, like you said just have a male Garchomp with Earth Power and a female Deino,Zwelios, or Hydriegon and your offspring will have Earth Power.

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answered May 22, 2014 by Sophisticles
selected Jun 5, 2014 by DaimonC