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How do I unlock my battle box?

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I played in the may Comp and just used game sync and tried to participate in the now finished comp to try and unlock my box on 'Y', but it's still locked. All I had to do with my 'X' game was try to enter the comp after it was finished to unlock it on that game. What have I missed?

asked May 24, 2014 by hyper beam
The battle box had never been "locked" for me...

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Here are the steps...
1. Turn on wifi/go to random matchups
2. Click on online competitions
3. Click "Cancel Parcipitation"
4. Battle box is unlocked

Hope I helped!

answered May 24, 2014 by Mr. Blazo
selected Aug 10, 2014 by Psychic x
If there is a prize for the comp., will you still get it? not sure but i think so
Thank you Blazo!!!
No problem